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Ganesha God

Ganesha GodHindu Ganesha god (Hindu Ganesh god) is the Hindu Elephant-God. He is known as the obstacle remover, the god of success, the god of domestic harmony. He is the eldest son of Parvati and the God Shiva, the destroyer and the most powerful Hindu Trinity. There are many legends to explain how Ganesh got an elephant head. According to a legend, during Ganesh’s topknot ceremony, Shiva was supposed to cut the child’s hair. Suddenly, the uninvited guest, Rahu, the mythical god of darkness, blew a strong wind, which resulted in the mistaken cut to the child’s head. Thus, the Buddha fixes an elephant head on the beheaded body. Some legends said that Ganesh was an ordinary boy but was beheaded in battle. Shiva’s emissaries were asked to go into the forest and bring back the head of the first animal they saw. And they found an elephant and it worked.

Lord Ganesh was known as a super brilliant man. Once there was a competition between Kumarswami and Vinayak, which later was called Ganesh. The winner would become a new leader of all the Gods. To choose the best one, Shiva created a test. He said that who made three rounds of the earth sooner than the other will become a new leader. Vinayak thought that his parents pervaded the whole universe and going around them was more than going around the earth. As a result, he was able to complete the test before Kumarswami. Shiva announced that Vinayak was the winner and became the supreme god of universe. Later, he was named as Ganaadhish, Ganapati and Ganesh.

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