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Birthday Colors

To check your day of birth, please click here Calendar Conversion.

Red Color for Sunday Birthday
Red color is the symbol of wealth, health and passion. It is believed to have the greatest power like the sun when it is with people born on Sundays. Red color can signify good fortune for new start-up businesses, newly-wed couples, and ensures longevity. In term of health, red color also can help blood circulation, and amplify sexual emotion for a long-lasting relation.

Yellow Color for Monday Birthday
Yellow color often refers to enlightening, brightness and trust. The sun possesses yellow radiance that gives creatures lives. It represents the symbol of new and better life. With its brightness, yellow is also able to clear your mind, which can help you make the best decision for your business and your life, which leads to abundance. It suits for people born on Mondays.

Pink Color for Tuesday Birthday
Pink color softens the passion of red in to a gentle glow. Pink color helps the heart to make good decision, especially loving ones because it symbolizes the long-lasting and unconditional love and friendship. In term of health, pink color balances physical and mental health that will help you to gain the optimal health solution. People born on Tuesdays are suitable for this color.

Green Color for Wednesday Birthday
Green color symbolizes prosperity and reflects vital energy of life. It awakens creatures to grow. Green color is believed to have a great number of beneficial qualities. For example, it helps relaxing your eyes, promoting cleverness and courage, and protecting against diseases. All of these are believed to bring the immortal life. Green color will have the greatest power when it is with people born on Wednesdays.

Orange Color for Thursday Birthday
Orange color is best for people born on Thursdays. It represents hope and enchantment. It can turn the world to enchanted place to live. It encourages and brings hopes to people who have misfortune in life. Moreover, orange color is believed to bring suppressed feelings to the surface, which is good for expressing actual feelings. In term of health, it helps you from infections and stay healthy.

Blue Color for Friday Birthday
Blue color always symbolizes peace, calmness, and gentle dreams. It also assures smoothness and longevity of marriage. It is said to be strongest when it is with people born on Fridays. For business people, blue color is helpful for ending disputes, making new partners, and having courage to do difficult things. It is believed to cure laziness and improved mental power as well.

Purple Color for Saturday Birthday

Mixing between the passion of red and calmness of blue, purple is well known for its mystery, royalty and glory. This purple color has a great benefit to overstress and workaholic people since it makes them control their emotions, relax the mind, and release their attachment to their concern of life. According to many beliefs, this color is suitable for people born on Saturdays.

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