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Thai Gold

Gold is adjacent to Thai people for centuries. Presents of gold ornaments are given to all stages of their lives. Gold ornaments are given to newborn babies for comfort and used as dowries or sin sot in marriages.

The name “Siam”, Thailand’s former name, means gold in Sanskrit. Chinese called Thailand as Jin lin, meaning “peninsula of gold”. Indians called Thailand as Suvannabhumi, which means Land of Gold. Thais value gold as not only a precious metal made for jewelry, but also a financial security. Gold is also often used to create Buddha statues and other religious items.

Currently, gold is one of the Thailand’s s largest exports. The major destinations for gold export are USA, UK, and Hong Kong. There are more than 6,000 gold retail shops, and more than 60 gold wholesale shops in Thailand.

Thai Baht Gold Jewelry (23k Gold Jewelry)
Thai Baht gold jewellery usually contains 96.5% gold purity which is a bit over 23 karat. The remaining of about 3.5% is normally silver. A Baht of Thai gold bar are sold in “Baht Weight” or 15.244 grams (15.16 grams for a Baht of Thai gold ornament), a little lower than half of a troy ounce.
The price of Thai Baht gold jewelry is daily published by the gold trader association of Thailand. Every Thai Baht gold shop uses that price for selling their gold items on that particular day. Thai Baht gold shops normally display the buying and selling prices on their windows.

Advantages of Thai Baht Gold Jewelry
Durability: Many westerners often believe that high karat gold is too soft to make jewellery. However, in reality, Baht gold jewelry can be crafted or produced at 23k gold with durability. With higher gold content, Thai Baht gold Jewelry can be worn everyday for daily lives without tarnishing or corroding.

Brilliance Color: Thai gold jewellery with 23k purity has brilliance and intense yellow color. Gold jewelry with less gold content often has pale yellow or green yellow.

Good Prices for Selling Back: Thais often invest a proportion of their money in gold ornaments because gold ornaments can be easily changed to money. Every Thai gold shops are willing to buy back gold ornaments at a specific selling price, which is a little less than a buying price. Selling prices change daily by the gold trader association of Thailand and correspond with the buying prices. Thai gold shops will normally buy back 23k gold jewelry only as those with less gold purity (18k or 14k) is probably cost much more to extract the gold content than the worth of the jewelry itself. Generally, customers get best prices when they sell them back to the stores they bought.

Financial Security: Gold is considered a readily convertible asset. Prices of gold in the world market are remarkably increased for the recent years. Purchasing Thai Baht gold bullion or Thai Baht gold jewelry containing more gold content could be a good investment.

Low Prices: Compared to prices of gold jewelry in western markets, Thai gold jewellery contains much more gold content but is sold at cheaper prices. Thai craftsmen can craft or produce complicated styles similar to western styles without paying premium for the craftsmanship.

Thai Gold Baht Clasps
M-Style Gold Baht Clasps
Every piece of our Thai Baht gold necklaces and bracelets always comes with a traditional Thai Baht gold clasp which is made of 23k or 96.5% pure gold. The color hue of Thai Baht gold clasps is the same as that of Thai Baht gold jewelry. There are two styles of Thai Baht gold clasps; “M” style is for necklaces, and “N” style is for bracelets. In Thailand, the “M” style clasp (Dragon clasp) often supports a Buddha amulet pendant which is worn in the front. Therefore, the “N” style clasp can also be used for a chain necklace or bracelet as long as a pendant isn’t going to be worn.

Thai Gold for Investment

Keeping your savings in gold is unlikely to make you rich, but historically it has been a safe investment. Gold maintains its value over time. It is durable, and can withstand fire, water, or trauma. Also it can be used to fund getting out of town in a hurry. However, since 2000, gold price has been rising significantly. People who own gold bars enjoy great returns on their investment. Especially, people who wear high karat gold jewelry such as 23k Thailand Baht gold jewelry enjoy not only wearing jewelry but also higher values of their jewelry. This simultaneous enjoyment of wearing jewelry and returns on investment will never happen to low karat gold jewelry such as 14k gold jewelry or lower.


It is the fact that 14k gold jewelry is only about 58% pure gold by weight while 23k Thailand Baht gold jewelry is about 96.5% pure gold by weight. It is also the fact that prices of 23k Baht Thailand gold jewelry is lower than those of 14k gold jewelry. It is not because of lower quality but very lower craftsmen cost that makes Baht jewelry prices lower. It means that you can enjoy the beauty of 23k Thailand Baht gold jewelry, and in the long term you will also have greatly better returns on investment than low karat gold jewelry. 23k Thai Gold Baht Jewelry are certified as 23K or 96.5% pure gold by weight. This makes Thai gold Baht jewelry a great way to invest in gold, and also have an object of beauty which can be worn and admired. Thai gold Baht jewelry is a great investment and is commonly referred to in Asia as the Currency of the Orient, since its consistent gold weight makes it a very safe currency that has real value worldwide.

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