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Thai Amulets

For centuries, many Thai Buddhists have believed that carrying Thai amulets, such as Buddha Images, Luang Phor (Thai monks), or Gods, gives them luck and protection. They will never leave home without it. The use of Thai amulets is to avert danger, to dispel evil, to protect from disease. It is believed that Thai amulets will help one to gain great wealth, fortune, charm and success while at work or business. Usually, Thai amulets can be cast from metal or carved out from a piece of wood, ivory, or even made of powder of many different mixtures of ingredients that are pressed in a mould and baked to form the shapes. After molding, they will be chanted by
monks, in order to give luck to those who will wear the amulets. It is important that Thai amulets be treated with respect by wearers.

Besides giving luck and protection, Thai Amulets can be worn like a piece of your jewelry set after covering with a gold or precious-metal case (frame). In this case, Thai amulets are called Thai amulet pendants, Gold Thai amulet pendants, or Thai amulet gold pendants which make wearers more attractive and charming.

Elements of Thai Amulet Gold Pendants
Gold Case (Gold Frame): Gold cases are used to protect and honor Thai amulets, so wearers can preserve the amulets for future generations. At the same time, wearers also can enjoy the beauty of Thai amulets as gold jewelry. High gold purity, such as 22k, 23k, and 24k, are considered too soft for the cases of Thai amulet gold pendants. Some sellers try to boast that their Thai amulet pendant jewelry are made from such high gold purity, but in fact it is impossible. Although, they can make it, their Thai amulet gold pendant jewelry is very likely to be too fragile for daily use.

Famous Amulet: 
Many Thai amulets are made from copper or silver, and plated with 24k gold while some are made from solid gold. Thai amulets are normally blessed or enchanted by Thai monks.

Clear Acrylic Cover (optional): Most Thai amulet gold pendants are covered by a clear acrylic cover. The clear acrylic cover allows people to see a Thai amulet inside while it still protects the amulet from water and dust.

Gemstones (optional): Cubic zirconias (synthetic diamonds) or other kinds of gemstones are sometimes used to decorate Thai amulet gold pendants, in order to make Thai amulet gold pendants more charming, sparkling. Generally, cubic zirconias (CZs) are more popular than diamonds because their prices are much cheaper than real diamonds.

Buyer’s Guides for Thai Amulet Gold Pendants
Age, Fame, and History of Amulets: The age and fame of Thai amulets and
 the history of the people who have worn the same Thai amulets in both peace and battle, all enter into the pricing. However, it is uneasy and too expensive to obtain famous or old Thai amulets, so almost all of Thai amulets used to make Thai amulet gold pendant jewelry are new, inexpensive but genuine. Buying a Thai amulet pendant jewelry is personal interest, so you do not have to shop by price. Choose a Thai amulet pendant by your personal feeling toward the amulet. Let your heart be the judge. For buying a Thai amulet, thinking that it is more expensive it is better is not necessarily correct.

Gold Purity and Weight of Amulet Cases: The purity and weight of gold case are other important factors. Higher karatage of gold purity or higher weight in amulet jewelry cases result in higher prices of amulet pendant jewelry. For making durable and naturally golden amulet cases, 18k gold is strongly recommended.

Type and Quality of Gemstones: The type and quality of gemstones are also a vital factor that can make your amulet pendants more charming than others. When buying cubic zirconia amulet pendant jewelry, you can look at the size and the clarity of the stone. Top quality cubic zirconia stones should have beautiful fire and brilliance, while lower grade cubic zirconia stones are no different in appearance than glass. There are many different colors of cubic zirconia stones which are available in many shapes and sizes. Top quality cubic zirconias (CZs) from reputed producers, such as Swiss Signity, are considered to be the best diamond look-alike ever developed because they are cut to standards equivalent to those set for the finest-cut genuine diamonds.

Quality of Craftsmanship: The quality of craftsmanship on Thai amulet gold pendants is the last factor. High quality craftsmanship of Thai amulet gold pendant jewelry can make them more outstanding than others with lower quality.

Protection & Care for Thai Amulet Gold Pendants
Take the following steps to protect Thai amulet gold pendants from damage: Apply all hair spray, fragrance, and other spray cosmetics before putting them on. Sprays dull the surface of your Thai amulet pendant jewelry and may contain chemicals that can damage the finish. Store each piece of Gold Thai amulet pendants in a flannel bag, or wrap each piece separately in flannel or soft fabric. Separately keep each of your Thai amulet gold pendants in a fabric-lined box for protection. Never throw your pendant jewelry into a jewelry box where it can get scuffed or scratched. Remove your gold amulet pendants when doing heavy work. With these tips, your amulet gold pendant jewelry should last for many years.

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